Policies & Recommendations

Golden Farmer’s Market Policies

Updated April 2023


● GFM Annual Membership Fee: $12
● Market Day Rates : $30 non-vehicle stall | $35 vehicle stall
● Market Seasonal Rates (16 weeks) : $450 non-vehicle stall | $525 vehicle stall
*** Vendors purchasing a seasonal stall receive one Market free ***
● Payment must be made within 7 days of application acceptance, or 24 hours prior to the Market for short notice or waitlist Vendors.
● Payment can be made by etransfer to: goldenfarmersmarket@gmail.com


● Vendors are required to provide 7 days notice to the Market Manager by email if they will
not be attending a Market so that their space may be filled by a wait listed vendor. If
adequate notice is not given, the vendor forfeits their stall fee.
● Exception to the above may be given in extenuating circumstances at the Market
Manager’s discretion.


● Vendors must Make, Bake or Grow within BC. Farmers and Food Vendors may be from BC & AB according to the BCAFM policy and regulations
● Priority at our Market is given to vendors from Golden & Area A / Brisco.
● Space is limited at our location. A waiting list will be compiled for busy markets.
● All vendors must be personally and actively involved in the production of the items for sale at the market and be present at the GFM during Market hours.
● GFM also accepts vendor applications from not-for-profit and educational organizations.
● ALL VENDORS MUST HAVE A CURRENT TOWN OF GOLDEN BUSINESS LICENSE and have it at their stall during each market. Bylaw officers will check periodically. This includes casual or occasional vendors.
● It is strongly recommended that vendors carry their own liability insurance as the GFM insurance DOES NOT cover individual vendors or customers who become ill or injured at a vendor booth or from a vendor product .


● GFM Board of Directors will have final approval of product eligibility and may request removal of products for sale
● All products for sale need to meet the laws, regulations, and rules as specified by
Federal, Provincial and Municipal bodies, local health authorities, Health Canada, GFM, and the certifying body the Vendor belongs to. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to know and comply with the Provincial and Federal requirements.

● Food vendors are required to provide the Market Manager a list of foods to be sold
including a list of ingredients as required by Interior Health Guidelines at Temporary
Food Markets
● Baked goods must be made from scratch and an ingredient list be available to
● All products labeled Organic must have government certification. A product naturally
grown without certification cannot be labeled organic.
● CBD and Cannabis products cannot be sold at the GFM


● A Market Booth space is 10’x10’.
● Booths must be in compliance with the wheelchair accessibility status that the GFM
holds, booths must be set back from the sidewalk by 1 meter.
● Vendors must bring adequate weights for tents regardless of weather and provide any
other safety measures to ensure all items are properly secured in case of inclement
weather. GFM insurance DOES NOT cover damages to vendor stalls.
● Vendors must arrive no more than 2 hours and not less than 30 minutes prior to Market opening to set up their stalls.
● Vehicles other than those permitted at vehicle stalls must be removed from the Market site no less than 20 minutes prior to opening time at 10am
● Selling prior to opening time at 10am is not permitted
● Vendors are not permitted to break down their stall prior to Market closing at 3pm. If
products have sold out, vendors may put up a “Sold Out” sign and move off site until the end of Market open hours.
● Vehicles may not be moved onto the Market site prior to 15 minutes after closing time
● Vendors must remove all garbage and other visible signs from their stall by one hour
after official closing of Market day.


● GFM is committed to providing and maintaining a collegial environment where all
individuals are treated with respect and dignity. It is expected that all contact between
vendors, the public, and others be respectful, professional and courteous at all times.
The market is a place of business and a public forum. Polite professional behavior as
well as fair and honest business practices are expected.
● Complaints about other vendors, their products, pricing issues or the operation of the
market etc. are to be given in writing or via email only and signed by the Vendor, sent to
the Market Manager. Verbal complaints will not be investigated. Critical or negative
comments about the market or fellow vendors does not align with the professional
behavior expected at the market.
● Smoking is not allowed by Vendors in the market area, they must remove themselves off
● Alcohol in any form is not permitted within the markets area, unless supplied by our
Liquor Vendors for sale and sampling.

● Pets are allowed but not encouraged on Market day. Pets must be on a leash at all
times, in the vendor stall space, and under control. Please be conscientious of hygiene
and sanitary considerations at all times. For further consideration please refer to The
Town of Golden policies at


● The following outlines our 3 step dismissal:
1. A verbal statement from authorized GFM personnel, followed by an email to
the account on file for the vendor.
2. Upon further contravention you will directly receive a written warning.
3. Vending privileges will be entirely lost with any further contravention.
● It is only with a written warning, given by paper copy, that an individual loses the
privilege of vending at the GFM. The Market Manager has full authority of the GFM
board to pursue these steps at their discretion.


● Please sign on the line below to signify that you have read and understand all the vendor
policies as outlined above. A signature must be given in order to participate at the GFM
as a vendor.

Vendor signature

Vendor name (printed)

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